THE JOURNEY METHOD, created and developed by Brandon Bays, empowers us to partner with our emotions and access the body's own wisdom to heal issues on a cellular level.

Because Caroline Waters has been through a powerful healing journey of her own, including surviving a near death car accident at age eighteen and successfully recovering from a serious head trauma and PTSD, she provides a deeply healing, solution oriented, empathic space of understanding and deep compassion, no matter how small or how big the issue might be.


As a Journey Practitioner, Caroline Waters holds space for each individual to identify, process and release the root cause of a current issue. 

Types of issues addressed can be emotional, physical, financial, relationship-/ career related or spiritual.

Designer Journey sessions with Caroline are conducted world-wide via Zoom in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Journey sessions can also be used in conjunction with Vocal Freedom to uncover and dissolve blocks to freedom of expression.

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