Music for Film, TV and Theatre

Dreamy, daring and deeply healing

As a Film/ TV/ Theater Composer, Caroline Waters delivers Original Songs, Instrumentals, Cues, Sound Design and Complete Scores.

To access Caroline Waters catalogue, please contact Redhead Records.

"In the array of musical talents, like a new word, Caroline Waters is like a fresh seed planted on the ground of the discussion.” African American Image Press

Feature Films featuring Caroline's songs:
Next of Kin - directed by Marty Elcan
Thanksgiving - directed by Avram Gold
Runway - directed by Alexandra Hodovani
Maggie and Annie - directed by Kimberly K. Wilson

Documentaries scored by Caroline:
The Toured - directed by Julie Pritchard Wright 
Blessed Be - directed by Barbara Malcolm

Short Films scored by Caroline:
The Psychicologist - directed by Annika Hylmö
Skin Deep - a Working Women International production
Hindsides - directed by Lars Toverud

Plays featuring songs, cues and sound design by Caroline Waters:
My Brooklyn Hamlet - starring Brenda Adelman
I Am Greta Garbo - starring Ottiliana Rolandsson
Finding Venus - starring Caroline Waters