Body, Mind, Voice Rejuvenation

Shiatsu - Craniosacral - matrix energetix - journey therapy - vocal freedom

"If you want to get your body, mind and voice in alignment with your creative vision, Caroline Waters can facilitate a safe, nurturing and empowering environment for you to do so." 

Hi, my name is Caroline Waters. Most of you know me as a creative and performing artist. Some of you know me as a Vocal Freedom coach and seminar leader. And a select few know me from my therapeutic healing practice. 

I have always known myself to be an intuitive healer, every since I was a little child. And following a near death accident at eighteen I discovered that my intuitive and energetic abilities were greatly enhanced. I also realized that combining body work, psychotherapy and vocal expression dramatially improved my recovery process.

For nearly three decades, in addition to my career as a creative and performing artist, I have educated myself in the modalities that have been the most effective for my own rejuvenation and creative success. 

Certifications include but is not limited to: Shiatsu Anma Massage Therapy, Energy Active Craniosacral Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Vocal Freedom and Recommended Journey Practitioner.

"Caroline Waters is a truly intuitive healer on many levels. You don't just feel relaxed, you feel healed. Recently she removed what felt like a physical block in my body by finding and releasing the energy that had created it. It was a soul-expanding experience." Kasandra Vanel, Jazz Entertainer

In-person sessions are available in Norway, Sweden and the USA when schedules allow. 

Vocal Freedom and Journey Processes are also available via Zoom world wide. More info at

Caroline Waters has an astonishing expertise with being able to draw memories, emotions and allowing the person to go back in time bringing up pivotal issues to bring to the forefront to release and heal. I would recommend Caroline in a heartbeat to anyone. You will definitely find value and recovery, working with her.” - Dawna Schulman
Basically, for me, this feels like pure magic, because this is what I’ve wanted to do for most of my life, and it’s happening. The combination of the Journey work and Vocal Freedom with Caroline Waters has helped me crack the code to being the artist I've always known I am! ” - Isabelle Oliver