Voice overs

The first cartoon in Caroline Waters's voice over career was Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, in Norwegian. Caroline was fourteen years old at the time and assigned the voices of Christopher Robin and Roo.

As a professional voice over actor, in addition to cartoon characters, Ms Waters has been hired to do a variety of voice over work, ranging from story telling, book reading, film dubbing, radio commercials, toy commercials, corporate training videos and telephone prompts. 

If you want to hire Caroline to do voice overs, she is available for studio sessions and can also provide her own recordings and submit downloadable files. Caroline Waters is fluent in English and Norwegian, and can also sing in Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish and German. 

If you are a professional wanting to further expand your capacity as a voice over artist, Caroline can assist you in developing your unique voices and make sure you don’t damage your vocal cords in the process. 

Contact us at  redhead@carolinewaters.com for more information, availability and price quotes.


Caroline Waters

Written, performed and recorded by Caroline Waters on piano and vocals. Aina O'Kane is the voice of Stefanie. Carter Dewberry plays the cello.

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