Seasoned with sensual lyrics that forays into chamber pop, the fiery singer and multi-instrumentalist leaves little room to question why she was Norway's youngest musical ambassador before even reaching the age of 10.”

— Good Times, Santa Cruz


Multi-Platinum recording artist Caroline Waters typically performs songs and stories from her life adventure while accompanying herself on guitar, piano, percussion and violin. Assisted by world class musicians, such as Irina Chirkova, Abraham Laboriel, Mark Schulman, Thomas Zink, Torbjörn Carlsson, Rickard Åström and Katisse Buckingham, Waters is currently producing her 7th solo album.

As a Keynote Speaker, Vocal Therapist and Journey Practitioner, Ms Waters is currently promoting her new performance empowerment program, Journey to Vocal Freedom. This program offers a powerful transformative experience for anyone who wish to achieve more ease, self confidence and freedom in their voice, communication and performance ability.


As a child celebrity, starring in her first movie at age three, Caroline often performed as a duo with her legendary entertainer dad, Per Asplin. By age sixteen she had become a seasoned International entertainer with more than 2000 shows to her name, hosting a TV-series, starring in several musicals and touring with the National Theater of Norway.

At eighteen, Caroline's career came to an abrupt hault, as she was nearly killed in a car accident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury, amnesia and PTSD. In the years that followed, thanks to her vocal coach Anne Wiggins Brown, physical therapist Elisabeth Lund Vibe, life coach Esther Marie Lier and brain specialist Margaret Ayers, Caroline was able to recover a sense of self and purpose.

Another traumatic event sent Caroline on a desperate search in serial killer territory in the Nevada Desert. Her dearest friend Stefanie Kelly Stroh vanished without a trace while traveling home from a one-year trip around the world. While the search was unsuccessful, as Stefanie's disappearance remains a mystery to this day, it gave Caroline a stronger sense of purpose in life. Caroline's most recent album and musical Finding Venus is a powerful rendition of what unfolded. 

After successfully completing the Songwriter-, Vocal- and Electronic Composing & Arranging Programs, Caroline graduated with honors from The Dick Grove School of Music. Shortly thereafter, she established Redhead Records and released her first solo album Compassion in memory of Stefanie. Since then, Caroline has written, produced and performed numerous live shows, albums, music for film, TV and theatre, as well as two musical comedies and a musical. 

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