Journey Testimonials

"I took The Journey course many years ago in Los Angeles and it had a profound impact on me. I was very pleased to hear that Caroline Waters was doing one-on-one Journey sessions and I happily anticipated my time with her. I easily went into process with her with the safe environment she created with me...and I accessed incidents from my life that popped up in a moment's recall because of her gently guiding and nurturing. I had two amazing sessions with Caroline. Most importantly, I realized how much anger and grief I was storing in my body and holding on to...there were many more insights that surfaced. Most importantly, I never felt pressured, or rushed...and Caroline was extremely patient with me. She has an astonishing expertise with being able to draw memories, emotions and allowing the person to go back in time  bringing up pivotal issues to bring to the forefront to release and heal. 

Caroline has a great career ahead of her and I would recommend her in a heart beat to anyone. You will definitely find value and recovery, working with her." 

                   Dawna Shuman, Los Angeles

"Like Caroline, I grew up performing, but as a dancer (who always wanted to sing). I was extremely painfully shy, which inhibited my vocal expression completely. I took vocal lessons with some of the best but, never got beyond scales. For years I had a complete block to my vocal expression. Before I started Vocal Freedom with Caroline, we did some Journey work.  This is what made the difference in my progress, vocally AND as a performing artist. 

In my first Vocal Freedom session with Caroline after we had done the Journey work,  she asked me if I wanted to sing my song. My first (knee-jerk) thought was NO,  I absolutely do not want to sing out loud in front of anyone!  I immediately remembered the Journey work we had done and decided, or remembered in that moment, that I was different now. I chose a different version of who I could be in that moment and went with the more exciting, creative, ballsy, expressive version. The chanteuse performer that I’ve ALWAYS seen and felt inside who has been aching to come out and play!   

The thing about participating in my own healing is that it is my decision to change. The  practitioner can lead me to the doors, but I need to walk through them and stay there and do my work.  This is my responsibility. What I can tell you is that I am dedicated to myself and this project from the deepest part of my heart and soul. I was not making this dream come true by myself. I needed a  sage guide and that is what I found in Caroline. Basically, for me, this feels like pure magic, because this is what I’ve wanted to do for most of my life, and it’s happening. The combination of the Journey work and Vocal Freedom with Caroline Waters has helped me crack the code to being the artist I've always known I am ! For me, it truly doesn't get more satisfying." 

                    Isabelle Oliver, Culver City