Husly Kafé & Catering, Bøgata 61, Bø

We are very much looking forward to this evening of music and words from the heart and soul of Caroline Waters. Showtime 20:00. Food service from 19:00. Hjertelig velkommen!

Tickets: kr 200 can be pre-ordered via VIPPS/ SWISH to (+47) 91 19 58 87.

Caroline Waters is one of Norway's greatest International stars. With a multi-faceted business as composer, author, actor and multi-instrumentalist, Caroline is currently touring with her new double album, Finding Venus, which was released in USA, England, Sweden and Norway last year.

Finding Venus include 19 songs, ranging from Jazz, Pop and Blues to Cabaret and Musical Theatre. The story behind the songs is Caroline's extraordinary, gruesome and transformational adventure after a car accident that resulted in temporary amnesia and posttraumatic stress.

As the daughter of music- and film legend, Per Asplin, Caroline had her debut as a three-year-old in the Christmas musical, " Putti, Plutti Pott". She then toured for two years with the National Theatre in Kardemommeby and ten years with "Jeg fant, jeg fant", before returning to the stage version of Putti Plutti Pott, starring as Nissemor. She graduated top of her class at the Grove School of Music, where she got her degree in songwriting, film composing, vocal performance and vocal therapy. Waters has released a number of albums, music for film and has received several International awards and nominations.

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