Vocal Freedom w Caroline Waters

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Kari's home in England, The Paddox, Enstone

In the lovely home of Journey Practitioner Kari Berdsell, we will become completely present in our bodies by doing easy Thai Chi movements, activating the Kundalini energy in powerful breathing exercises, toning and expressing our individual voices and surpassing the blocks that are holding us back from total joyous expression of self. Sounds good? It is! I promise!

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced singer, actor, musician, or simply someone who wants to express her- or himself more freely.

Reservations 30gbp can be made via PayPal to redhead@carolinewaters.com or the button below.

Norwegian Jazz Entertainer and Musical Theater Celebrity Caroline Waters has been coaching Vocal Freedom for 25 years. She initially developed this series of exercises and practice as a toolbox for healing from PTSD. Today, Vocal Freedom, has become a powerful and fun way for all who wish to free their expression and sing themselves into their highest and most joyous potential.