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  1. Please Let Me Cry

From the recording Compassion

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Words and Music by Caroline Waters

He came with a smile on his face
When he told me that he loved me
And I noticed the tears in his eyes
When he asked me if he could hold me
I wondered where he came from
I wondered what he wanted from me

He said that I looked so alone
In the classroom when I was younger
He wanted to support me
Couldn't get his hands off me
When I tried to run away
He was always right in front of me
I got so mad but I felt so helpless

I stood with a smile on my face
When I told him to leave me alone
And I noticed the tears in my eyes
In the evening when my anger was gone
I wondered where they came from
I wondered what they wanted from me

I never cry for myself
Just feel anger or compassion
I can sacrifice my pride
I can fly with the thunder
That is welling up inside
I can scream so loud
What do you want
What do you want

Please let me cry