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  1. Perfect

From the recording Being Totally Alive

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Written by Ann Hampton Callaway. Arranged by Caroline Waters. Performed by Caroline Waters - vocals/ piano, Carter Dewberry - cello, Katisse Buckingham - sax, Abraham Laboriel - bass. Recorded at Tom Zink's studio in Long Beach. Mastered by Leslie Chew. Sound Recording ©2008 by Caroline Waters. Published by Red Velvet Sensations. PRO: ASCAP/ TONO Label: Redhead Records. Website: www.carolinewaters.com Booking/ Licensing: booking@carolinewaters.com


Music and Words by Ann Hampton Callaway

I’ve seen a perfect sunrise in the morning
The birth of gold and crimson on the sea
I’ve walked a perfect night in early summer
With the warmest lilac breeze caressing me

And I recall a perfect night of music
My eyes welled up with tears when it was through
And when I turned to see you also crying
I knew I’d found my perfect love in you

And once my life was filled with someone
Who shared the beauty all around
We built our world with perfect moments
We lived for sight and taste and touch and sound

If I remember just the perfect moment
Perhaps my heart won’t feel broken in two
For perfect moments have their perfect endings
And that’s how I’ll remember you