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Exposed is Caroline Waters most vulnerable recording to date, as she reveals some of the most tender moments of her life, with original songs and cover tunes that have greatly transformed her life and career from the inside out. The songs are arranged, produced and performed by Caroline Waters with her singing and playing the guitar, recorded by Tom Zink and mastered by Leslie Chew in Los Angeles. Aina O’Kane is responsible for the cover photography. Stylistically, we have a delicious bouquet of songs that spans from tender love songs such as Little Angel to riveting blues tunes such as Full Moon Rising. This CD is Caroline’s tribute to Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Suzanne Vega, Jennifer Warnes, George Gershwin and Anne Brown. This amazing lady, who was Caroline’s very first voice teacher and dear friend until she passed away at 96, made Summertime famous as the first Bess in Porgy and Bess.

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