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Being Totally Alive CDBeing Totally Alive
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Me JaneYou're Just Too Cool
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Me JaneDu er så stilig
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You're Just Too Cool

Catalogue No. REDCD1202
Record Label: Redhead Records

1.  Radio Mix  

"I wrote this song on a napkin while sipping a beer on a midsummer night in Oslo."

2.  Club Mix  

"Some individuals, whose names will remain anonymous, actually took this seriously.


3.  Native Mix  

"For those who'd like to dive into the Norwegian jungle of lust and debauchery."

You're Just Too Cool Cover

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You're Just Too Cool:
Caroline created her alter ego stage persona, Me Jane, as a warm up act for the Caroline Waters Band at the annual Wild Waters Party in Oslo.

Me Jane is Norway's female answer to Austin Powers and is described as a cross between Nina Hagen and Geri Halliway.

Me Jane can also be experienced on screen in the blockbuster video, "Me Jane Goes To Hollywood" (Undercover Productions).