Words and Music by Caroline Waters

I thought you were gonna stay a little longer this time
You called me on the phone and said you were alone
You wanted me to stay and then you ran away
To the solitude of the way you used to live

But you didn't tell me why
Where you mad at me
Tell me why
Where you scared to be with a friend
Who could listen to your heart
And let you feel
All the feelings you were hiding deep inside
Who could understand you
Really understand you
When you felt like going crazy for a while

I remember when we used to run
In the snow and barefoot just for fun
I remember when we used to sing our Memories
I remember how you laughed with me
When we talked about how the world would be
If everybody had somebody to talk to
Like me and you

What happened
Did I do anything that hurt you
I didn't understand when you
Turned around like you didn't know me
I didn't understand when you looked right through me
Like I didn't live in your world anymore

I remember when we used to run...

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