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Talk With Eve

Catalogue No. MTG-CD30676
Record Label: Redhead Records

1.  Talk With Eve  

"This was written in a tiny log cabin with no running water or electricity, way up in the boondocks of the mountains of Norway."

2.  The Shadow  

"I wrote this song in a slightly altered state, as I was recovering from a serious bicycle accident that left me with the adventurous journey of brain damage and PTSD.


3.  I Just Can't Stop Crying Over You  

"What I love about songwriting is how it can take the most outrageous heartbreaks and turn them into something beautiful."

4.  Do Right  

"This song is for anyone who has ever felt stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Enjoy!"

5.  I Built A Wall  

"It can be scary to remember stuff that you've spent a lifetime suppressing, but the transformation that follows is so worth it."

6.  And I Pretend  

"This song gave great solace to both me and my dad after my mom passed away."

7.  Identification  

"Growing up with more energy than I knew what to do with gave me the opportunity to recreate my life over and over. However, knowing who I was at any given time was always a challenge."

8.  You Know What I Mean  

"A different kind of love song..."

9.  I Couldn't Care Less  

"This is my ode to those who have yet to discover that true power lies within and not in manipulation of others."

10. Remember  

"In writing this song, I realized how profoundly relationships can be affected by trauma."

11. Missing  

"This heartfelt aria came out of a good cry, as I was driving through the Nevada Desert, searching for my missing friend. "

12. Say Say Say  

"Don't you just love it when people stop meandering?"

13. Feeling Good  

"This song without words was written in an ecstatic moment of the kind of bliss you only get from the silliest little crushes."

14. When I Saw You There  

"I met my first true love when I was twenty-two years old, and this song was written on the day we celebrated our marriage."

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Talk With Eve: A live recording from Cosmopolite, Oslo, featuring Caroline Waters with Deb Girnius, Fredrik Barstad, Rolf Øyvind Hæg, Unni Damslora & Ole Marius Melhuus.

Norway's largest newspaper, Aftenposten, describes the album as "original, melodic, danceable adult pop with powerful lyrics, similar to Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell".

"Caroline Waters has taken the media by storm and come out as an artist who is not afraid of speaking her mind and expressing it powerfully through her words and music."