This video features Jazz Entertainer Caroline Waters and contrabassist Erling Sunnarvik performing Gershwin's Naughty Baby at Redhead Studios in Sweden. Enjoy!

Caroline Waters is currently seeking collaborators to produce her upcoming musical, Finding Venus, in the US. She is also in the market for a literary agent to shop her autobiographical novel, which the musical is based on, for a book/ movie deal.

Finding Venus
is based on the extraordinary journey of healing and transformation that followed Caroline's near death accident at age 18 and how her desperate search for a missing friend, in serial killer territory, .

Finding Venus also include humorous insights into an entertainment family's way of dealing with conflict, crisis and 'radical' emotions.

Caroline Waters is currently en route to New York to meet with potential collaborators for her new musical.

She is also in the market for a literary agent to shop her true story novel, Finding Venus, for a book/ movie deal.

If you wish to hire Caroline Waters as a performer, Vocal Freedom seminar leader or keynote speaker
, please contact Redhead Records.

Thank you, all who received our most recent concerts in Norway, Sweden and Florida with such heartfelt appreciaton! We enjoyed ourselves immensely!

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