This video features Jazz Entertainer Caroline Waters and contrabassist Erling Sunnarvik performing Gershwin's Naughty Baby at Redhead Studios in Sweden. Enjoy!

Caroline Waters is currently seeking collaborators to produce her upcoming musical, Finding Venus, in the US and in Europe. She is also in the market for a literary agent to shop her autobiographical novel, which the musical is based on, for a book/ movie deal.

Finding Venus
is based on the extraordinary journey of healing and transformation that followed Caroline's near death accident at age 18 and how her desperate search for a missing friend helped her find her way.

If you wish to finance, produce or book this musical for your venue, please contact Redhead Records. If you wish to donate to our ongoing efforts to get this show on the road, feel free to click on the button below.

Caroline Waters is currently seeking collaborators for her upcoming musical-, album- and book release.

If you are a dramaturg, choreographer, director, producer, venue manager, PR specialist or social media pro and want to help put Finding Venus on the map, please email

Thank, you, Scandinavia and New York, for filling the first two thirds this year's Caroline Waters Concert Series with gorgeously enthusiastic audiences!

Highlights include a deeply transformational 8/8 healing concert at Redhead Records, teaming up with National Cash, the Johnny Cash tribute band from California, for a fantastic 4th of July celebration in Sweden, a Finding Venus concert with Russian cellist extraordinaire, Anastasia Golenischeva, in New York, honoring Women's Day at Amal's Grand Hotel with local talents Bente Hjelm and Elisabeth Pousi and kicking off the Seffle Jazz Club season in concert with top cats Torbjorn Carlsson and Stefan Blomquist.

We are now booking tours for USA and Europe for the winter- / spring- / summer seasons and are open for suggestions. Let us know where you want Caroline Waters to perform next.

Booking happens via Redhead Records

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