CAROLINE WATERS is currently available for Vocal Freedom coaching, healing sessions and live performances in California.

SKYPE sessions are available world wide!

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Happy Vocal Freedom Campers
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"Vocal Freedom is a fun and empowering transformational journey to heartfelt expression!"
Connie Shannon, Life Coach

"Caroline's coaching improved my performance, self esteem, and song writing immensely. I am no longer shy, I have a powerful voice, and I can belt out a tune on the spot. Thanks to Caroline."
Monica Sefarian, Rock Artist

“Caroline Waters is a truly intuitive healer on many levels. You don't just feel relaxed, you feel healed. Recently she removed what felt like a physical block in my body by finding and releasing the energy that had created it. It was a soul-expanding experience.” Kasandra Vanel, Jazz Entertainer


From a near death accident, brain injury and PTSD to Vocal Freedom. Norwegian celebrity performer Caroline Waters tells a powerful story of overcoming adversity through her song. To hire Caroline for your event or organization, contact Redhead Records.
Vocal Freedom with Caroline Waters


Caroline also teaches Vocal Freedom Camp on the beach and other outdoor locations, for nature lovers who want to connect more deeply with their voice and being.


Platinum Artist/ Vocal Therapist Caroline Waters has taught Vocal Freedom for more than two decades, utilizing techniques based on her amazing career and training with Seth Riggs, Anne Brown, Ian Adam and Sue Raney.

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Caroline Waters initially developed this series of mind, body and voice exercises to help people who suffer from PTSD. Today, Vocal Freedom is a powerful, transformative experience for all who wish to free
their expression.

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