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"I suppose it’s no surprise that for someone to become a country’s “musical ambassador for international events” they’d be an impressive talent, and that’s exactly what one will find with Caroline Waters (who does just that for her native Norway).

Her voice has a greater passion, quality and strength than the majority of famed divas (such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion), as she draws the power of Sheena Easton and the ethereal beauty of Tori Amos and Enya. To add to it, Waters not only has a gifted voice, but is a talented and inspired songwriter, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist...

Waters’ vivid Nordic fantasy-life is portrayed through an intense beat, expressive use of falsetto a la Kate Bush, and again, fantastic lyrics: “Subtle little movements in the deep below us/ Trying to take our breath away.” "

"With professionally produced original grooves and street-wise beats laying the foundation for her socially conscious and deeply introspective lyrical style, it seems Caroline has found a way to connect with anyone and everyone...

Moving from hip-hop to latin jazz and even to a violin solo in the midst of a bouncy R&B number, Caroline Waters is a talented, multi-faceted artist not to be overlooked. The fact that she writes all her own material, designs her own artwork, and controls her artistic destiny only adds to the allure."