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"Caroline Waters has changed her name from Asplin, and expanded her musical image with the album "Talk With Eve". Original, melodic and danceable adult pop with powerful lyrics. similar to Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell."

“We’re in a popular nightclub in Oslo. An amazon in a mini-skirt and flaming red hair enters the stage, hits a chord on her guitar, and sings. The tones rise and fall. Her voice comes from deep within her core and soul, first with intense joy, next in dark melancholia. The audience applauds and scream: MORE! Caroline tears off her jacket, lifts her arms over her head, kicks the beat with the most solid boots ever seen at Smuget and roars: I wanna live, I wanna live right, I wanna love, I wanna love right, I wanna do what is right for me.”             

"Talk With Eve is an acoustic sounding live album, recorded at Cosmopolite in February this year. The title cut, which probably will be heard on the radio in the future, is specially nice, but the album is solid throughout. Fun personal melodies that do well in playful concert versions. Ms Waters absolutely makes a good impression with a great band and well written original tunes... It is not quite as charming with the somewhat tipsy people in the background, who are yelling, "More! More!", but all in all it is an album she can be proud of ."