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Caroline Waters Headshot by Aina O'Kane Caroline Waters Headshot by Aina O'Kane Caroline Waters Headshot by Aina O'Kane Caroline Waters Headshot3 by Aina O'Kane  

"With a stylistic comfort zone nestled snugly between George Gershwin, Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones, Norwegian Singer/ songwriter and composer Caroline Waters is one of those rare artists who have the ability to transform pain and heartache into strenght and a love of life that resonates throughout their music.

Graced with a clear and tender voice, the multi- instrumentalist is part sultry jazz diva, part international minstrel and part idealistic folkster"

"Caroline Waters has the kind of deeply resounding voice that lets out a smooth and sultry blend of jazz and R&B. Seasoned with sensual lyrics that forays into chamber pop, the fiery singer and multi-instrumentalist leaves little room to question why she was Norway's youngest musical ambassador before even reaching the age of 10"

"Caroline Waters is an immensely gifted guitarist, pianist and vocalist. Her styling's combine the quintessential balance between Norah Jones and Ella Fitzgerald.

Her beautiful sound and complexity of chords harken back to a time when musical excellence was at it's pinnacle of sound. She is a reminder of what was and what can be once again with a return to the center of making real music paramount in importance".