by Julie Moon Fjell,Tønsbergs Blad. Photo by Aina O'Kane
Thriller with a Personal Twist

OSLO: Caroline Waters, born Asplin, bravely performs her "jazzy musical" in the Capital, with her own dramatic life story as a starting point.

Many know her best as all of Norway's little Caroline from papa Per Asplin's Christmas movie "Putti Plutti Pott".

Caroline is now a grown-up and has gathered the threads of her famous childhood in a musical titled, Finding Venus.The musical is based on her her own experiences from childstar to international entertainer. It has been a road to success, but also much drama.

Wants to promote understanding

- I'm doing this for the little girl inside, to give her room and acceptance and to remember, the good and the bad, says Caroline Waters, who spent all of her childhood summers in Tønsberg.

This is the story of her incredible journey, from childstar to accident victim with amnesia and posttraumatic stress, says a press release from her record company, Redhead Records.


Caroline talks about a childhood and teens that among other things involve a dramatic traffic accident the left her with a serious head trauma. The loss of a close friend has also made its mark. During this journey, she also comes out of the closet as a gay woman.

- I want to promote understanding and give hope and inspiration to those who struggle with posttraumatic stress and sexual identity, says Waters.

Finding Venus premiered on Wednesday this week and is also playing tomorrow.

PICTURE TEXT: Caroline Waters enters the stage with her whole life story as a manuscript. The relationship to papa Per Asplin is an important element of the story.