by Niklas Lindstrand, Provinstidningen.
Caroline Waters konsert anmälan i Provinstidningen: Lyckad tjejkväll på Stadshotellet - Mingel och underhållning med WatersSuccessful Ladies' Night at Stadshotellet
Much were sold in the local stores och it was practically packed at Stadshotellet, when Women's Day rolled around. After an evening with mingle and entertainment, lucky winners received their prices.

Ladies' Night, which Åmåls kommun, Provinstidningen Dalsland and Åmål Handel organized this Thursday, attracted many guests to the mingling that happened at Stadshotellet.

The hotel personell taking orders in the reception had their hands full. They served food and drinks that were thoroughly enjoyed during the fun filled mingling at the tables.

Popular Music
Internationally renowned singer Caroline Waters delivered deeply moving music, which turned out to be very popular among those who had come to listen.

Waters came early into the limelight as the daughter of the famous Norwegian singer and actor Per Asplin. And how it felt to be a child star is a subject she touched upon in the course of the evening:

- One was somewhat exposed as a child star. One wanted to do as one was told by the grown-ups. This is something many women have been taught to do, said Waters and connected her sharing to the current metoo-campaign.

And then she played and sang one of Nellie Lutchers tunes about the freedom one feels when one manages to set good boundaries.

Even though the essence of Caroline's message was serious, she really had the ability to engage the audience. And when it was asked to choose between two songs as the final number, the audience called out that both were wanted. Therefore we got to listen to both "Little Angel" and "I Am Venus."

Luck in Lotto
In addition to Provinstidningen's reporter, was Roar Strömsheim, president of Åmål Handel, the only man in attendence and he got the honor of announcing the winners of the Lotto that had been organized for the evening. Caroline Waters pulled the winning numbers and luck had it so that first price was awarded to the anouncer's wife, Sissel Strömsheim...

After a delightful evening, the participants of Ladie's Night could walk home in the snow. And perhaps there was a few who wished that the next Women's Day would return sooner than later.

PHOTO TEXT: Amazing Caroline Waters was ably assisted by Elisabeth Pousi and Bente Hjem on background vocals.