by Åke Jansson,Säffletidningen.
Caroline Waters konsert anmälan i Säffletidningen: Bjöd på Jazz av hög klass - En Jazzkväll att minnas.SÄFFLE: Norwegian Jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist Caroline Waters and her fellow musicians, Torbjörn Carlsson on guitar and Stefan Blomquist on keyboards, visited First Hotel Royal on Thursday evening, when (Seffle) Jazz club arranged their first concert of the year.

It turned out to be a memorable evening with a singer and multi-instrumentalist out of the ordinary. Caroline Waters expresses a rather large register and delivered a varied, entertaining and thrilling repertoire.

She told us, between the different tunes, her entire life cycle, which turned out to be both thrilling and entertaining, and shared among ohter things that she's been through high highs and low lows
in her life and that accidents and a strict father have left their marks.

Many Pearls
Musically speaking, the concert offered beautiful musical pearls. She fearlessly mixed styles and gave her own flavor to songs like Gershwin's "Summertime" and "Naughty Baby". In addition, she showed us the depth of her own compositions, such as "Identification", which is about her strict father (it's not - but that's what the reviewer wrote... ).

She received much applause for her loving rendition of Olle Adolfsson's "Trubbel", where she showed her impressive interpretation and sensitivity in relationship to the lyrics.

Another fantastic tune was the blues inspired "Full Moon Rising", where she was brilliantly supported by fellow musicians, Carlsson and Blomquist. She has aquired her stage presence and confidence from her many years of performing with her famous father, touring with the National Theater of Norway and with her own shows.

Multi Artist
She is not just an amazing singer, she also masters several different instruments, which she proved to us in the course of the evening in Säffle. The true meaning of the word, multi-artist.

Carlsson and Blomquist contributed brilliantly to making the whole concert great. They supported Caroline Waters and made sure the concert stayed high quality throughout the evening.

Well over 80 people made their way to the first Jazz evening of the year at Royal... As warm up band, two constellations of musicians from Geijerskolan i Ransäter, performed. This was an exellent introduction to the evening and shows the quality of education these youngsters are getting. Both constellations had their lead singers, Liv Nymann and Lisa Hallgren.