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Audio Clips from Finding Venus
Music & Lyrics 1988-2018 by Caroline Waters. All rights reserved.

1. I'm Falling  

I was released from the hospital, once I was able to maneuver a wheelchair, with a solid stash of Valium and Vicodin.

2. Multiple Personality  

I quickly discovered that there existed several voices in my head.

3. It Takes More 

It took more than psychotherapy to get to the bottom of it.

4. The Show Must Go On  

The whole thing began with a drunk lawyer in a green Mazda.

5. There Ain't No Reason  

And then I lost everything, including my own feeling of self.

6. Full Moon Rising  

When I started songwriting, my fighting spirit returned.

7.  Longing For You  

I discovered the power of love and the longing that followed.

8. Did You Know  

The feeling of belonging, for the very first time, was amazing.

9. Revelation  

Then there was the challenge of coming out of the closet.

10. Oh Mama  

Overcoming homophobia was harder than anticipated.

11. Dancing in the Nude   Click to Listen!

i had to look elsewhere for guidance and support.

12. Little Girl  

How I loved when my Papa sang to me.

13. In My Bones  

But then I discovered something horrible.

14. Hard to Remember  

How do you forgive the unforgiveable?

15. And I Pretend  

I had to say goodbye to my best friend in the whole world.

16. Missing  

The grief was so deep, I almost didn't make it.

17. Wings of Love 

When I thought I was going to die again, I received a huge gift.

18. I Am Venus 

I can't tell you the ending, but I look very much forward to seeing you at our next show :)

Finding Venus by Jazz Entertainer Caroline Waters

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Finding Venus
is a haunting musical thriller about trauma recovery, self discovery and the power of unconditional love.

It tells the story of Caroline Waters' extraordinary transformation after a near death accident that gave her post traumatic amnesia, and how her psychic connection with and desperate search for a missing friend, in serial killer territory, helped her realize who she really was.

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