"This is art. High art. It is also a compassionate, realistic study of what unsolved mysteries can do to a human life. How do we let go? How do we say goodbye when we can't? How go we move on? How do we smile again? We find Venus." AJ Llewellyn

FINDING VENUS - a musical by Caroline Waters

Finding Venus is a deeply moving musical about trauma recovery, self discovery and the power of unconditional love. It tells the story of Caroline's dramatic transformation, after a near death accident that gave her post traumatic amnesia, and how her search for a missing soul mate, in serial killer territory, led to an amazing discovery. 

Caroline's dream is to get this musical produced on Broadway and as a feature film. So far, Finding Venus has been performed as a one woman show and a small cast in Oslo and Los Angeles. All songs are available on the Finding Venus album and the book, Finding Venus, is ready to launch.

To hire Caroline to give concert  presentations or produce a full scale performance/ run of Finding Venus, please contact Redhead Records for QUOTE & AVAILABILITY.

If you want to get involved, as manager, producer, financier, booking agent, literary agent or talent, please contact REDHEAD RECORDS.

Donations for Finding Venus are greatly appreciated!