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Catalogue No. CIACD-001
Record Label: Redhead Records

1.  Compassion  

"I wrote this love song for every single child, woman and man who has ever been victimized by violence and suppression."

2.  Too Good For This World  

"I met Stefanie when I was sixteen years old, touring the US as artist representative for Norway. She was one of those magical beings who makes me feel at home in an instant.


3.  Cry In The Rain  

"I wrote this song for a very special friend who had just shared her story with me about surviving ritual abuse. And I sing this song to nurture that vulnerable self in all of us."

4.  My Love  

"This is the first love song I ever wrote. In itís simplicity and spaciousness, it is still one of my favorites."

5.  The Seagull  

"I read Jonathan Livingstonís The Seagull when I was looking for Stefanie, and found the resemblance between the seagull and her so profound that I was compelled to make it a song."

6.  Run Away  

"Have you ever felt so moved by the presence of love that you wanted to run away? Well, that would be me in a nutshell, except I usually make myself stay anyway."

7. Sorry  

"There is something so magical about apologizing for hurting someoneís feelings from a place of complete surrender. I believe that these simple words can heal the world in one fell swoop."

8.  Please Let Me Cry  

"Growing up as a child star and with more responsibility than I could handle, my way of dealing with too much pressure was by unconsciously exposing myself to physical injury. Accident prone, they called it... That way, I had an excuse to cry and stop the achievement madness for a moment."

9.  Standing In The Hallway  

"There is more to this story than what meets the eye. The girl in the story and what she represents has been a precious gift to the unfolding of my own emotional journey to becoming the woman I am today."

10. Compassion  

"This song is also an ode to the beauty and power of the human spirit and how amazing it is that we are capable of rising to the very essence of who we are, no matter what."

Compassion Cover

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Caroline's debut album, is a smooth, up-beat pop album with soul searching lyrics and a cool jazz feel.

Caroline plays guitar, keyboards and a touch of violin and is ably assisted by Abraham Laboriel, Kurt Wortman, Christobal Granados, Paul Gregory, Katisse Buckingham, Adam Azarnow, John Krovoza, Dirk Price & Louis Hoffman.

Compassion is dedicated to Stefanie Stroh - a dear friend of Caroline's who has been missing since 1987.