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Being Totally Alive

Catalogue No. REDCD1224
Record Label: Redhead Records

1.  Something So Right  

"This Paul Simon song moved me to tears when I first heard it sung by Annie Lennox, as it so poignantly described the beauty of surrendering to love."

2.  Loving Her  

"I wrote this song in appreciation of the magic and beauty of the child that resides in each and every one of us."

3.  Little Girl  

"When I started writing this song, I felt as if the spirit of my dad began to play the piano and sing through me. "

4.  Being Totally Alive  

"I believe it is from this place of honesty and open communication that we can embrace true intimacy."

5.  Anticipation  

"This composition was inspired by Natalie Cole’s pianist of twenty years, Terry Trotter, one of my greatest teachers."

6.  Longing For You  

"Carter wrote the lyrics to this song under the grand piano while I played the Moonlight Sonata. If you listen to the theme in the piano arrangement, you will hear what I mean."

7.  Seduction  

"Something about the pulsating rhythm of the piano and the deep longing of the cello creates in me an intense longing for physical connection."

8.  Vocal For The First Time  

"This song is a testament to the power of tenderness, vocal freedom and complete surrender."

9.  Red Velvet Tango  

"This came to me after seeing Carter breaking all classical protocol in a performance of Piazzolla’s Grand Tango. "

10. In The Moment  

"In writing this song, through tears and fears and more passion than I thought this body could hold, I realized the perfection of simply being… in the moment."

11. Perfect  

"Ann Hampton Callaway’s Perfect was given to me by Sir Ian Adam in London, who insisted I include it in my repertoire."

12. Sweet Caress  

"Sweet Caress was a truly synergistic collaboration between Carter and me. It began with a meditation that resulted in a profound healing experience."

Being Totally Alive Cover

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Being Totally Alive
was created to inspire our hearts to sing with reckless abandon, to empower the child within and to embrace the magic and beauty of relationship, in love with the love that connects us all.

This lush bouquet of tender songs and tantilizing interludes adds delicious flavor to evenings of smooth elegance, romance, wine tasting, relaxation, self rejuvenation, sensual exploration and/ or joyous celebration. Enjoy!

Being Totally Alive features Ms Waters on piano and vocals, Carter Dewberry on cello and background vocals, Abe Laboriel on bass, and Katisse Buckingham on saxes and flute.