Chapter 4

Queen of Clubs - A Royal Review

After Venus Envy, my hunger for the theater compelled me to write and produce a musical comedy entitled Queen of Clubs. This production, which received hysterical rave reviews and a six-week run at the Masquers Cabaret in West Hollywood, was created and performed in collaboration with jazz diva Kasandra Vanel. Click below to see video.

Queen of Clubs divas Kasandra Vanel as Queen Kasandra and Caroline Waters as Queen Caroline

Queen of Clubs gave birth to my second alter ego stage persona, Queen Caroline. A role that gave me the opportunity to mix my love for musical comedy, disco dancing, kick boxing,

royal British humor and fiddle playing, all in one fell swoop.

Somewhere in between the making and performing of Venus Envy and Queen of Clubs, I began to focus my attention on the healing arts. Since massage therapy, quantum physics and energy healing had played important roles in my recovery from the bicycle accident, and since my hands naturally heated up whenever someone around me was in pain, it seemed logical to explore my potential in those realms. I also had a real need to find a place in my life where I didn’t have to perform or be the center of attention.

Today, I see my work as facilitating powerful spaces of transformation, whether it be through songwriting, performing, writing stories, composing music for film, doing voice overs, making us belly laugh until we cry, being an intuitive healer, motivational speaker or Vocal Freedom coach.

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