Chapter 3

Becoming Venus

With Me Jane leading the way, flanked by the drag duo, Bang Bang Shock Proof, we decided to use her as the warm-up act for the Caroline Waters Band for the annual Wild Waters Party at Cosmopolite. This became a huge success, and many had no idea Me Jane and I were the one and the same. :-)

Me Jane AKA Caroline Waters

After being awarded a Green card as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, I recorded my third solo album. Venus Envy was created as a spell of sexy songs to attract a new lover into my life. Little did I know that the lover I would find at the end of that spell was my own Goddess self. By focusing on who I wanted to be as a lover rather than trying to orchestrate and manipulate my surroundings,

I fell in love with life in its purest form. And from that point of joyous connection, the magic and beauty that exists in everything and everyone simply became more visible to me.

Venus Envy by Caroline Waters

Venus Envy was nominated for Best Female Artist in the All American Awards, and the title song, "I Am Venus," was licensed to a compilation album featuring Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Natalie Cole and me.

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