Chapter 2

Compassion and Talk With Eve

Compassion was my first studio recorded solo album. I recorded it on an eight-track half inch reel in my kitchen, with fabulous Abe Laboriel on bass, Kurt Wortman on drums and Katisse Buckingham on saxophone. The cover was created in the wee hours at Kinko’s, using scissors and copy machines to shrink and enlarge the typed passages to the appropriate layout before handing it to the printer. This CD is dedicated to Stefanie Stroh, whose disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

Compassion by Caroline Asplin AKA Caroline Waters

After being successfully headhunted by MTG Productions and Sony Music Norway, I decided to record my second solo album, Talk With Eve, live at Cosmopolite in Oslo. This passionate rendition of some of my favorite original tunes is flanked by a tight little band of groovy angels including Deb Girnius on guitar, flute and vocals.

Talk With Eve by Caroline Waters

Talk With Eve served as a truly liberating turning point for my artist self, as it allowed for a more sexy and unpolished expression than my formative years had pointed to. This inspired the birth of my very first alter ego stage persona, Me Jane.

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