Chapter 1

From Child Stardom to Vocal Freedom

They say I was born singing and with a pair of cross-country skis on my feet. I also enjoyed playing soccer, fighting with the boys, being a sleuth and solving math riddles. My dad played the piano like Nat King Cole and sang like Frank Sinatra. My mom took fencing lessons and made us belly laugh until we cried. Together we co-created more than two decades of extraordinarily dramatic and emotionally thrilling adventures.

Little Caroline in performance with her father, Per Asplin, and the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra

Click on the picture to see the video of my Papa and I as we perform La det svinge with Norway's Broadcasting Orchestra.

I did my first live performance at age two, starred in my first movie at age three and soon became Norway’s youngest musical ambassador for international events. At seven, I toured with the National Theatre and at nine a musical, based on six of Norway's most famous fairytales, was written for me to star in.

This musical toured Europe and the US and finally became a TV mini-series hosted by yours truly. Dad and I were stage partners as jazz entertainers, film stars, television hosts and musical comedians until I left home for LA at twenty-two.

At eighteen, after nearly dying in a bicycle accident that eradicated my academic dreams of becoming a medical doctor, I ventured on a journey that took me full circle to my authentic artistic expression. During this journey, my best friend and soul sister, Stefanie Stroh, vanished without a trace in the Nevada desert. My relentless search for her shifted my focus powerfully to include a fierce social engagement. Fighting for women and children’s rights through my words and music and teaching Vocal Freedom seminars as a tool to heal from posttraumatic stress became my number one priority.

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